All Magic battle pets

All Magic battle pets


Magic pets cannot be dealt more than 35% of their maximum health in one attack.

Battle pets:

Abyssius Abyssius Abyssius - type Abyssius - preview Accursed Hexxer Accursed Hexxer Accursed Hexxer - type Accursed Hexxer - preview Animated Cruor Animated Cruor Animated Cruor - type Animated Cruor - preview Animated Tome Animated Tome Animated Tome - type Animated Tome - preview Anomalus Anomalus Anomalus - type Anomalus - preview Arcane Eye Arcane Eye Arcane Eye - type Arcane Eye - preview Arcane Gorger Arcane Gorger Arcane Gorger - type Arcane Gorger - preview Archetype of Focus Archetype of Focus Archetype of Focus - type Archetype of Focus - preview Archivist's Quill Archivist's Quill Archivist's Quill - type Archivist's Quill - preview Azerite Puddle Azerite Puddle Azerite Puddle - type Azerite Puddle - preview Baa'l Baa'l Baa'l - type Baa'l - preview Baoh-Xi Baoh-Xi Baoh-Xi - type Baoh-Xi - preview Blood Boil Blood Boil Blood Boil - type Blood Boil - preview Brightpaw Brightpaw Brightpaw - type Brightpaw - preview Bubbling Pustule Bubbling Pustule Bubbling Pustule - type Bubbling Pustule - preview Chaos Pup Chaos Pup Chaos Pup - type Chaos Pup - preview Coilfang Stalker Coilfang Stalker Coilfang Stalker - type Coilfang Stalker - preview Comet Comet Comet - type Comet - preview Corrupted Tentacle Corrupted Tentacle Corrupted Tentacle - type Corrupted Tentacle - preview Court Scribe Court Scribe Court Scribe - type Court Scribe - preview Creeping Tentacle Creeping Tentacle Creeping Tentacle - type Creeping Tentacle - preview Cross Gazer Cross Gazer Cross Gazer - type Cross Gazer - preview Darkmoon Eye Darkmoon Eye Darkmoon Eye - type Darkmoon Eye - preview Death Seeker Death Seeker Death Seeker - type Death Seeker - preview Disgusting Oozeling Disgusting Oozeling Disgusting Oozeling - type Disgusting Oozeling - preview Echoing Oozeling Echoing Oozeling Echoing Oozeling - type Echoing Oozeling - preview Eldritch Manafiend Eldritch Manafiend Eldritch Manafiend - type Eldritch Manafiend - preview Elekk Plushie Elekk Plushie Elekk Plushie - type Elekk Plushie - preview Empowered Manafiend Empowered Manafiend Empowered Manafiend - type Empowered Manafiend - preview Empyreal Manafiend Empyreal Manafiend Empyreal Manafiend - type Empyreal Manafiend - preview Enchanted Broom Enchanted Broom Enchanted Broom - type Enchanted Broom - preview Enchanted Cauldron Enchanted Cauldron Enchanted Cauldron - type Enchanted Cauldron - preview Enchanted Lantern Enchanted Lantern Enchanted Lantern - type Enchanted Lantern - preview Enchanted Pen Enchanted Pen Enchanted Pen - type Enchanted Pen - preview Enchanted Tiki Mask Enchanted Tiki Mask Enchanted Tiki Mask - type Enchanted Tiki Mask - preview Enchanted Torch Enchanted Torch Enchanted Torch - type Enchanted Torch - preview Energized Manafiend Energized Manafiend Energized Manafiend - type Energized Manafiend - preview Erudite Manafiend Erudite Manafiend Erudite Manafiend - type Erudite Manafiend - preview Ethereal Soul-Trader Ethereal Soul-Trader Ethereal Soul-Trader - type Ethereal Soul-Trader - preview Extinguished Eye Extinguished Eye Extinguished Eye - type Extinguished Eye - preview Eye of Affliction Eye of Affliction Eye of Affliction - type Eye of Affliction - preview Eye of Allseeing Eye of Allseeing Eye of Allseeing - type Eye of Allseeing - preview Eye of Corruption Eye of Corruption Eye of Corruption - type Eye of Corruption - preview Eye of Extermination Eye of Extermination Eye of Extermination - type Eye of Extermination - preview Eye of Inquisition Eye of Inquisition Eye of Inquisition - type Eye of Inquisition - preview Eye of Observation Eye of Observation Eye of Observation - type Eye of Observation - preview Faceless Mindlasher Faceless Mindlasher Faceless Mindlasher - type Faceless Mindlasher - preview Faceless Minion Faceless Minion Faceless Minion - type Faceless Minion - preview Felcrazed Wyrm Felcrazed Wyrm Felcrazed Wyrm - type Felcrazed Wyrm - preview Festival Lantern Festival Lantern Festival Lantern - type Festival Lantern - preview Filthling Filthling Filthling - type Filthling - preview Filthy Slime Filthy Slime Filthy Slime - type Filthy Slime - preview Geordy Geordy Geordy - type Geordy - preview Gloop Gloop Gloop - type Gloop - preview Golden Eye Golden Eye Golden Eye - type Golden Eye - preview Grasping Manifestation Grasping Manifestation Grasping Manifestation - type Grasping Manifestation - preview Gusting Grimoire Gusting Grimoire Gusting Grimoire - type Gusting Grimoire - preview Harmonious Porcupette Harmonious Porcupette Harmonious Porcupette - type Harmonious Porcupette - preview Hateful Eye Hateful Eye Hateful Eye - type Hateful Eye - preview Hungering Claw Hungering Claw Hungering Claw - type Hungering Claw - preview Hyjal Wisp Hyjal Wisp Hyjal Wisp - type Hyjal Wisp - preview Jade Oozeling Jade Oozeling Jade Oozeling - type Jade Oozeling - preview Jade Owl Jade Owl Jade Owl - type Jade Owl - preview Jade Tiger Jade Tiger Jade Tiger - type Jade Tiger - preview Jiggles Jiggles Jiggles - type Jiggles - preview K'ute K'ute K'ute - type K'ute - preview Legs Legs Legs - type Legs - preview Lesser Voidcaller Lesser Voidcaller Lesser Voidcaller - type Lesser Voidcaller - preview Lil' Leftovers Lil' Leftovers Lil' Leftovers - type Lil' Leftovers - preview Living Amber Living Amber Living Amber - type Living Amber - preview Living Fluid Living Fluid Living Fluid - type Living Fluid - preview Lofty Libram Lofty Libram Lofty Libram - type Lofty Libram - preview Lost Quill Lost Quill Lost Quill - type Lost Quill - preview Lunar Lantern Lunar Lantern Lunar Lantern - type Lunar Lantern - preview Magic Lamp Magic Lamp Magic Lamp - type Magic Lamp - preview Mailemental Mailemental Mailemental - type Mailemental - preview Mana Wyrmling Mana Wyrmling Mana Wyrmling - type Mana Wyrmling - preview Maw Stalker Maw Stalker Maw Stalker - type Maw Stalker - preview Minfernal Minfernal Minfernal - type Minfernal - preview Mini Diablo Mini Diablo Mini Diablo - type Mini Diablo - preview Mini Mindslayer Mini Mindslayer Mini Mindslayer - type Mini Mindslayer - preview Misty Leaper Misty Leaper Misty Leaper - type Misty Leaper - preview Muar Muar Muar - type Muar - preview Nethaera's Light Nethaera's Light Nethaera's Light - type Nethaera's Light - preview Netherspace Abyssal Netherspace Abyssal Netherspace Abyssal - type Netherspace Abyssal - preview Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn - type Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn - preview Nightmare Bell Nightmare Bell Nightmare Bell - type Nightmare Bell - preview Nordrassil Wisp Nordrassil Wisp Nordrassil Wisp - type Nordrassil Wisp - preview Oily Slimeling Oily Slimeling Oily Slimeling - type Oily Slimeling - preview Omnipotential Core Omnipotential Core Omnipotential Core - type Omnipotential Core - preview Onyx Panther Onyx Panther Onyx Panther - type Onyx Panther - preview Plagueborn Slime Plagueborn Slime Plagueborn Slime - type Plagueborn Slime - preview Primordial Sludge Primordial Sludge Primordial Sludge - type Primordial Sludge - preview Reek Reek Reek - type Reek - preview Resonant Echo Resonant Echo Resonant Echo - type Resonant Echo - preview Sanctum Cub Sanctum Cub Sanctum Cub - type Sanctum Cub - preview Servant of Demidos Servant of Demidos Servant of Demidos - type Servant of Demidos - preview Shadow Shadow Shadow - type Shadow - preview Shimmering Wyrmling Shimmering Wyrmling Shimmering Wyrmling - type Shimmering Wyrmling - preview Shrieker Shrieker Shrieker - type Shrieker - preview Shy Melvin Shy Melvin Shy Melvin - type Shy Melvin - preview Sludge Feeler Sludge Feeler Sludge Feeler - type Sludge Feeler - preview Spectral Cub Spectral Cub Spectral Cub - type Spectral Cub - preview Spectral Porcupette Spectral Porcupette Spectral Porcupette - type Spectral Porcupette - preview Spectral Tiger Cub Spectral Tiger Cub Spectral Tiger Cub - type Spectral Tiger Cub - preview Stardust Stardust Stardust - type Stardust - preview Sticky Oozeling Sticky Oozeling Sticky Oozeling - type Sticky Oozeling - preview Suspended Corpse Suspended Corpse Suspended Corpse - type Suspended Corpse - preview Syd the Squid Syd the Squid Syd the Squid - type Syd the Squid - preview Teeny Titan Orb Teeny Titan Orb Teeny Titan Orb - type Teeny Titan Orb - preview Toxic Wasteling Toxic Wasteling Toxic Wasteling - type Toxic Wasteling - preview Transmutant Transmutant Transmutant - type Transmutant - preview Trunks Trunks Trunks - type Trunks - preview Twilight Fiendling Twilight Fiendling Twilight Fiendling - type Twilight Fiendling - preview Untethered Wyrmling Untethered Wyrmling Untethered Wyrmling - type Untethered Wyrmling - preview Viscidus Globule Viscidus Globule Viscidus Globule - type Viscidus Globule - preview Viscous Horror Viscous Horror Viscous Horror - type Viscous Horror - preview Void Jelly Void Jelly Void Jelly - type Void Jelly - preview Void Shardling Void Shardling Void Shardling - type Void Shardling - preview Voidwiggler Voidwiggler Voidwiggler - type Voidwiggler - preview Wicker Wraith Wicker Wraith Wicker Wraith - type Wicker Wraith - preview Will of Remornia Will of Remornia Will of Remornia - type Will of Remornia - preview Willy Willy Willy - type Willy - preview Wonderous Wisdomball Wonderous Wisdomball Wonderous Wisdomball - type Wonderous Wisdomball - preview Zeradar Zeradar Zeradar - type Zeradar - preview Zipao Tiger Zipao Tiger Zipao Tiger - type Zipao Tiger - preview Zur'aj the Depleted Zur'aj the Depleted Zur'aj the Depleted - type Zur'aj the Depleted - preview