All Critter battle pets

All Critter battle pets


Critters are immune to stun, root, and sleep effects.

Battle pets:

Alpine Chipmunk Alpine Chipmunk Alpine Chipmunk - type Alpine Chipmunk - preview Alpine Hare Alpine Hare Alpine Hare - type Alpine Hare - preview Arctic Hare Arctic Hare Arctic Hare - type Arctic Hare - preview Armadillo Pup Armadillo Pup Armadillo Pup - type Armadillo Pup - preview Auburn Ringtail Auburn Ringtail Auburn Ringtail - type Auburn Ringtail - preview Bandicoon Bandicoon Bandicoon - type Bandicoon - preview Bandicoon Kit Bandicoon Kit Bandicoon Kit - type Bandicoon Kit - preview Baneling Baneling Baneling - type Baneling - preview Beetle Beetle Beetle - type Beetle - preview Black Lamb Black Lamb Black Lamb - type Black Lamb - preview Black Rat Black Rat Black Rat - type Black Rat - preview Blind Rat Blind Rat Blind Rat - type Blind Rat - preview Bloodfeaster Larva Bloodfeaster Larva Bloodfeaster Larva - type Bloodfeaster Larva - preview Bloodfeaster Larva Bloodfeaster Larva Bloodfeaster Larva - type Bloodfeaster Larva - preview Borean Marmot Borean Marmot Borean Marmot - type Borean Marmot - preview Brown Marmot Brown Marmot Brown Marmot - type Brown Marmot - preview Brown Prairie Dog Brown Prairie Dog Brown Prairie Dog - type Brown Prairie Dog - preview Brown Rabbit Brown Rabbit Brown Rabbit - type Brown Rabbit - preview Bush Chicken Bush Chicken Bush Chicken - type Bush Chicken - preview Carrion Rat Carrion Rat Carrion Rat - type Carrion Rat - preview Cockroach Cockroach Cockroach - type Cockroach - preview Creepy Crawly Creepy Crawly Creepy Crawly - type Creepy Crawly - preview Crispin Crispin Crispin - type Crispin - preview Crystal Beetle Crystal Beetle Crystal Beetle - type Crystal Beetle - preview Darkmoon Hatchling Darkmoon Hatchling Darkmoon Hatchling - type Darkmoon Hatchling - preview Darkmoon Rabbit Darkmoon Rabbit Darkmoon Rabbit - type Darkmoon Rabbit - preview Death's Head Cockroach Death's Head Cockroach Death's Head Cockroach - type Death's Head Cockroach - preview Deepholm Cockroach Deepholm Cockroach Deepholm Cockroach - type Deepholm Cockroach - preview Dig Rat Dig Rat Dig Rat - type Dig Rat - preview Dung Beetle Dung Beetle Dung Beetle - type Dung Beetle - preview Dust Bunny Dust Bunny Dust Bunny - type Dust Bunny - preview Egbert Egbert Egbert - type Egbert - preview Elfin Rabbit Elfin Rabbit Elfin Rabbit - type Elfin Rabbit - preview Elwynn Lamb Elwynn Lamb Elwynn Lamb - type Elwynn Lamb - preview Fawn Fawn Fawn - type Fawn - preview Felclaw Marsuul Felclaw Marsuul Felclaw Marsuul - type Felclaw Marsuul - preview Fire Beetle Fire Beetle Fire Beetle - type Fire Beetle - preview Fire-Proof Roach Fire-Proof Roach Fire-Proof Roach - type Fire-Proof Roach - preview Fjord Rat Fjord Rat Fjord Rat - type Fjord Rat - preview Frenzied Cottontail Frenzied Cottontail Frenzied Cottontail - type Frenzied Cottontail - preview Frostfur Rat Frostfur Rat Frostfur Rat - type Frostfur Rat - preview Gazelle Fawn Gazelle Fawn Gazelle Fawn - type Gazelle Fawn - preview Giant Sewer Rat Giant Sewer Rat Giant Sewer Rat - type Giant Sewer Rat - preview Giant Woodworm Giant Woodworm Giant Woodworm - type Giant Woodworm - preview Gleamhoof Fawn Gleamhoof Fawn Gleamhoof Fawn - type Gleamhoof Fawn - preview Glutted Bleeder Glutted Bleeder Glutted Bleeder - type Glutted Bleeder - preview Gold Beetle Gold Beetle Gold Beetle - type Gold Beetle - preview Golden Beetle Golden Beetle Golden Beetle - type Golden Beetle - preview Golden Pig Golden Pig Golden Pig - type Golden Pig - preview Grassland Hopper Grassland Hopper Grassland Hopper - type Grassland Hopper - preview Grasslands Cottontail Grasslands Cottontail Grasslands Cottontail - type Grasslands Cottontail - preview Grizzly Squirrel Grizzly Squirrel Grizzly Squirrel - type Grizzly Squirrel - preview Grotto Vole Grotto Vole Grotto Vole - type Grotto Vole - preview Gu'chi Swarmling Gu'chi Swarmling Gu'chi Swarmling - type Gu'chi Swarmling - preview Hare Hare Hare - type Hare - preview Highlands Mouse Highlands Mouse Highlands Mouse - type Highlands Mouse - preview Highlands Skunk Highlands Skunk Highlands Skunk - type Highlands Skunk - preview Imperial Silkworm Imperial Silkworm Imperial Silkworm - type Imperial Silkworm - preview Irradiated Roach Irradiated Roach Irradiated Roach - type Irradiated Roach - preview Lava Beetle Lava Beetle Lava Beetle - type Lava Beetle - preview Little Fawn Little Fawn Little Fawn - type Little Fawn - preview Littlehoof Littlehoof Littlehoof - type Littlehoof - preview Locust Locust Locust - type Locust - preview Long-tailed Mole Long-tailed Mole Long-tailed Mole - type Long-tailed Mole - preview Lovebird Hatchling Lovebird Hatchling Lovebird Hatchling - type Lovebird Hatchling - preview Lucky Lucky Lucky - type Lucky - preview Lucky Quilen Cub Lucky Quilen Cub Lucky Quilen Cub - type Lucky Quilen Cub - preview Malayan Quillrat Malayan Quillrat Malayan Quillrat - type Malayan Quillrat - preview Malayan Quillrat Pup Malayan Quillrat Pup Malayan Quillrat Pup - type Malayan Quillrat Pup - preview Marsh Fiddler Marsh Fiddler Marsh Fiddler - type Marsh Fiddler - preview Masked Tanuki Masked Tanuki Masked Tanuki - type Masked Tanuki - preview Masked Tanuki Pup Masked Tanuki Pup Masked Tanuki Pup - type Masked Tanuki Pup - preview Mountain Cottontail Mountain Cottontail Mountain Cottontail - type Mountain Cottontail - preview Mountain Skunk Mountain Skunk Mountain Skunk - type Mountain Skunk - preview Mouse Mouse Mouse - type Mouse - preview Mr. Wiggles Mr. Wiggles Mr. Wiggles - type Mr. Wiggles - preview Mudshell Conch Mudshell Conch Mudshell Conch - type Mudshell Conch - preview Mulgore Hatchling Mulgore Hatchling Mulgore Hatchling - type Mulgore Hatchling - preview Needleback Pup Needleback Pup Needleback Pup - type Needleback Pup - preview Nether Roach Nether Roach Nether Roach - type Nether Roach - preview Nibbles Nibbles Nibbles - type Nibbles - preview Noblegarden Bunny Noblegarden Bunny Noblegarden Bunny - type Noblegarden Bunny - preview Nuts Nuts Nuts - type Nuts - preview Olivetail Hare Olivetail Hare Olivetail Hare - type Olivetail Hare - preview Orphaned Marsuul Orphaned Marsuul Orphaned Marsuul - type Orphaned Marsuul - preview Peanut Peanut Peanut - type Peanut - preview Perky Pug Perky Pug Perky Pug - type Perky Pug - preview Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm - type Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm - preview Porcupette Porcupette Porcupette - type Porcupette - preview Prairie Dog Prairie Dog Prairie Dog - type Prairie Dog - preview Prairie Mouse Prairie Mouse Prairie Mouse - type Prairie Mouse - preview Pygmy Cow Pygmy Cow Pygmy Cow - type Pygmy Cow - preview Pygmy Marsuul Pygmy Marsuul Pygmy Marsuul - type Pygmy Marsuul - preview Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit - type Rabbit - preview Rapana Whelk Rapana Whelk Rapana Whelk - type Rapana Whelk - preview Rat Rat Rat - type Rat - preview Red Cricket Red Cricket Red Cricket - type Red Cricket - preview Red-Tailed Chipmunk Red-Tailed Chipmunk Red-Tailed Chipmunk - type Red-Tailed Chipmunk - preview Redridge Rat Redridge Rat Redridge Rat - type Redridge Rat - preview Rescued Fawn Rescued Fawn Rescued Fawn - type Rescued Fawn - preview Resilient Roach Resilient Roach Resilient Roach - type Resilient Roach - preview Roach Roach Roach - type Roach - preview Rusty Snail Rusty Snail Rusty Snail - type Rusty Snail - preview Sand Scarab Sand Scarab Sand Scarab - type Sand Scarab - preview Sandshell Chitterer Sandshell Chitterer Sandshell Chitterer - type Sandshell Chitterer - preview Savory Beetle Savory Beetle Savory Beetle - type Savory Beetle - preview Scarab Hatchling Scarab Hatchling Scarab Hatchling - type Scarab Hatchling - preview Scooter the Snail Scooter the Snail Scooter the Snail - type Scooter the Snail - preview Shimmershell Snail Shimmershell Snail Shimmershell Snail - type Shimmershell Snail - preview Shy Bandicoon Shy Bandicoon Shy Bandicoon - type Shy Bandicoon - preview Silkbead Snail Silkbead Snail Silkbead Snail - type Silkbead Snail - preview Silver Pig Silver Pig Silver Pig - type Silver Pig - preview Singing Cricket Singing Cricket Singing Cricket - type Singing Cricket - preview Skunk Skunk Skunk - type Skunk - preview Sneaky Marmot Sneaky Marmot Sneaky Marmot - type Sneaky Marmot - preview Snowshoe Hare Snowshoe Hare Snowshoe Hare - type Snowshoe Hare - preview Snowshoe Rabbit Snowshoe Rabbit Snowshoe Rabbit - type Snowshoe Rabbit - preview SpeedyNumberIII SpeedyNumberIII SpeedyNumberIII - type SpeedyNumberIII - preview Spring Rabbit Spring Rabbit Spring Rabbit - type Spring Rabbit - preview Squirrel Squirrel Squirrel - type Squirrel - preview Stinkbug Stinkbug Stinkbug - type Stinkbug - preview Stinker Stinker Stinker - type Stinker - preview Stone Armadillo Stone Armadillo Stone Armadillo - type Stone Armadillo - preview Stormwind Rat Stormwind Rat Stormwind Rat - type Stormwind Rat - preview Stowaway Rat Stowaway Rat Stowaway Rat - type Stowaway Rat - preview Sun Darter Hatchling Sun Darter Hatchling Sun Darter Hatchling - type Sun Darter Hatchling - preview Tainted Cockroach Tainted Cockroach Tainted Cockroach - type Tainted Cockroach - preview Tainted Rat Tainted Rat Tainted Rat - type Tainted Rat - preview Test Pet Test Pet Test Pet - type Test Pet - preview Tol'vir Scarab Tol'vir Scarab Tol'vir Scarab - type Tol'vir Scarab - preview Tolai Hare Tolai Hare Tolai Hare - type Tolai Hare - preview Tolai Hare Pup Tolai Hare Pup Tolai Hare Pup - type Tolai Hare Pup - preview Trashy Trashy Trashy - type Trashy - preview Tricorne Tricorne Tricorne - type Tricorne - preview Twilight Beetle Twilight Beetle Twilight Beetle - type Twilight Beetle - preview Undercity Cockroach Undercity Cockroach Undercity Cockroach - type Undercity Cockroach - preview Undercity Rat Undercity Rat Undercity Rat - type Undercity Rat - preview Wharf Rat Wharf Rat Wharf Rat - type Wharf Rat - preview Whiskers the Rat Whiskers the Rat Whiskers the Rat - type Whiskers the Rat - preview Winter Reindeer Winter Reindeer Winter Reindeer - type Winter Reindeer - preview Wolpertinger Wolpertinger Wolpertinger - type Wolpertinger - preview Yakrat Yakrat Yakrat - type Yakrat - preview Yellow-Bellied Marmot Yellow-Bellied Marmot Yellow-Bellied Marmot - type Yellow-Bellied Marmot - preview Zergling Zergling Zergling - type Zergling - preview Zoom Zoom Zoom - type Zoom - preview