All Flying battle pets

All Flying battle pets


Flying creatures gain 50% extra speed while above 50% health.

Battle pets:

Albatross Chick Albatross Chick Albatross Chick - type Albatross Chick - preview Albatross Hatchling Albatross Hatchling Albatross Hatchling - type Albatross Hatchling - preview Albino Buzzard Albino Buzzard Albino Buzzard - type Albino Buzzard - preview Albino Duskwatcher Albino Duskwatcher Albino Duskwatcher - type Albino Duskwatcher - preview Alliance Balloon Alliance Balloon Alliance Balloon - type Alliance Balloon - preview Amaranthine Stinger Amaranthine Stinger Amaranthine Stinger - type Amaranthine Stinger - preview Amber Moth Amber Moth Amber Moth - type Amber Moth - preview Amberbarb Wasp Amberbarb Wasp Amberbarb Wasp - type Amberbarb Wasp - preview Amberglow Stinger Amberglow Stinger Amberglow Stinger - type Amberglow Stinger - preview Ancona Chicken Ancona Chicken Ancona Chicken - type Ancona Chicken - preview Animite Broodling Animite Broodling Animite Broodling - type Animite Broodling - preview Antoran Bilescourge Antoran Bilescourge Antoran Bilescourge - type Antoran Bilescourge - preview Archetype of Malice Archetype of Malice Archetype of Malice - type Archetype of Malice - preview Archetype of Motion Archetype of Motion Archetype of Motion - type Archetype of Motion - preview Archetype of Satisfaction Archetype of Satisfaction Archetype of Satisfaction - type Archetype of Satisfaction - preview Ashwing Moth Ashwing Moth Ashwing Moth - type Ashwing Moth - preview Axebeak Hatchling Axebeak Hatchling Axebeak Hatchling - type Axebeak Hatchling - preview Azure Crane Chick Azure Crane Chick Azure Crane Chick - type Azure Crane Chick - preview Bat Bat Bat - type Bat - preview Battie Battie Battie - type Battie - preview Bilescourge Bilescourge Bilescourge - type Bilescourge - preview Blazing Firehawk Blazing Firehawk Blazing Firehawk - type Blazing Firehawk - preview Bloodbeak Bloodbeak Bloodbeak - type Bloodbeak - preview Bloodgazer Hatchling Bloodgazer Hatchling Bloodgazer Hatchling - type Bloodgazer Hatchling - preview Bloodsting Wasp Bloodsting Wasp Bloodsting Wasp - type Bloodsting Wasp - preview Bloodsucker Vespoid Bloodsucker Vespoid Bloodsucker Vespoid - type Bloodsucker Vespoid - preview Blue Flitter Blue Flitter Blue Flitter - type Blue Flitter - preview Blue Mini Jouster Blue Mini Jouster Blue Mini Jouster - type Blue Mini Jouster - preview Blue Moth Blue Moth Blue Moth - type Blue Moth - preview Bone Wasp Bone Wasp Bone Wasp - type Bone Wasp - preview Brilliant Bloodfeather Brilliant Bloodfeather Brilliant Bloodfeather - type Brilliant Bloodfeather - preview Brilliant Kaliri Brilliant Kaliri Brilliant Kaliri - type Brilliant Kaliri - preview Brilliant Spore Brilliant Spore Brilliant Spore - type Brilliant Spore - preview Bumbles Bumbles Bumbles - type Bumbles - preview Cap'n Crackers Cap'n Crackers Cap'n Crackers - type Cap'n Crackers - preview Cenarion Hatchling Cenarion Hatchling Cenarion Hatchling - type Cenarion Hatchling - preview Cerulean Moth Cerulean Moth Cerulean Moth - type Cerulean Moth - preview Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji - type Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji - preview Chi-Ji Kite Chi-Ji Kite Chi-Ji Kite - type Chi-Ji Kite - preview Chicken Chicken Chicken - type Chicken - preview Child of Pa'ku Child of Pa'ku Child of Pa'ku - type Child of Pa'ku - preview Chompy Chompy Chompy - type Chompy - preview Coastal Sandpiper Coastal Sandpiper Coastal Sandpiper - type Coastal Sandpiper - preview Cobalt Raven Cobalt Raven Cobalt Raven - type Cobalt Raven - preview Cockatiel Cockatiel Cockatiel - type Cockatiel - preview Copperback Etherwyrm Copperback Etherwyrm Copperback Etherwyrm - type Copperback Etherwyrm - preview Corlain Falcon Corlain Falcon Corlain Falcon - type Corlain Falcon - preview Courage Courage Courage - type Courage - preview Crackers Crackers Crackers - type Crackers - preview Crawbat Crawbat Crawbat - type Crawbat - preview Crested Owl Crested Owl Crested Owl - type Crested Owl - preview Crimson Bat Pup Crimson Bat Pup Crimson Bat Pup - type Crimson Bat Pup - preview Crimson Dredwing Pup Crimson Dredwing Pup Crimson Dredwing Pup - type Crimson Dredwing Pup - preview Crimson Moth Crimson Moth Crimson Moth - type Crimson Moth - preview Crimson Skipper Crimson Skipper Crimson Skipper - type Crimson Skipper - preview Crimson Spore Crimson Spore Crimson Spore - type Crimson Spore - preview Crimsonwing Moth Crimsonwing Moth Crimsonwing Moth - type Crimsonwing Moth - preview Crow Crow Crow - type Crow - preview Darkmoon Balloon Darkmoon Balloon Darkmoon Balloon - type Darkmoon Balloon - preview Darkmoon Glowfly Darkmoon Glowfly Darkmoon Glowfly - type Darkmoon Glowfly - preview Darkshore Sentinel Darkshore Sentinel Darkshore Sentinel - type Darkshore Sentinel - preview Devoured Wader Devoured Wader Devoured Wader - type Devoured Wader - preview Direbeak Hatchling Direbeak Hatchling Direbeak Hatchling - type Direbeak Hatchling - preview Docile Skyfin Docile Skyfin Docile Skyfin - type Docile Skyfin - preview Dragon Kite Dragon Kite Dragon Kite - type Dragon Kite - preview Dragonbone Hatchling Dragonbone Hatchling Dragonbone Hatchling - type Dragonbone Hatchling - preview Dread Hatchling Dread Hatchling Dread Hatchling - type Dread Hatchling - preview Dreadtick Leecher Dreadtick Leecher Dreadtick Leecher - type Dreadtick Leecher - preview Dusky Dredwing Pup Dusky Dredwing Pup Dusky Dredwing Pup - type Dusky Dredwing Pup - preview Dusty Sporewing Dusty Sporewing Dusty Sporewing - type Dusty Sporewing - preview Echo Batling Echo Batling Echo Batling - type Echo Batling - preview Effervescent Glowfly Effervescent Glowfly Effervescent Glowfly - type Effervescent Glowfly - preview Enraged Poultrid Enraged Poultrid Enraged Poultrid - type Enraged Poultrid - preview Everbloom Peachick Everbloom Peachick Everbloom Peachick - type Everbloom Peachick - preview Fel-Afflicted Skyfin Fel-Afflicted Skyfin Fel-Afflicted Skyfin - type Fel-Afflicted Skyfin - preview Felbat Pup Felbat Pup Felbat Pup - type Felbat Pup - preview Firebat Pup Firebat Pup Firebat Pup - type Firebat Pup - preview Firefly Firefly Firefly - type Firefly - preview Firesting Buzzer Firesting Buzzer Firesting Buzzer - type Firesting Buzzer - preview Firewing Firewing Firewing - type Firewing - preview Flamering Moth Flamering Moth Flamering Moth - type Flamering Moth - preview Fledgling Buzzard Fledgling Buzzard Fledgling Buzzard - type Fledgling Buzzard - preview Fledgling Kingfeather Fledgling Kingfeather Fledgling Kingfeather - type Fledgling Kingfeather - preview Fledgling Nether Ray Fledgling Nether Ray Fledgling Nether Ray - type Fledgling Nether Ray - preview Fledgling Oliveback Fledgling Oliveback Fledgling Oliveback - type Fledgling Oliveback - preview Fledgling Teroclaw Fledgling Teroclaw Fledgling Teroclaw - type Fledgling Teroclaw - preview Fledgling Warden Owl Fledgling Warden Owl Fledgling Warden Owl - type Fledgling Warden Owl - preview Fluttering Glimmerfly Fluttering Glimmerfly Fluttering Glimmerfly - type Fluttering Glimmerfly - preview Forest Moth Forest Moth Forest Moth - type Forest Moth - preview Foulfeather Foulfeather Foulfeather - type Foulfeather - preview Foulwing Hatchling Foulwing Hatchling Foulwing Hatchling - type Foulwing Hatchling - preview Francois Francois Francois - type Francois - preview Fruit Hunter Fruit Hunter Fruit Hunter - type Fruit Hunter - preview Fungal Moth Fungal Moth Fungal Moth - type Fungal Moth - preview Garden Moth Garden Moth Garden Moth - type Garden Moth - preview Gilded Moth Gilded Moth Gilded Moth - type Gilded Moth - preview Gilded Wader Gilded Wader Gilded Wader - type Gilded Wader - preview Gilnean Raven Gilnean Raven Gilnean Raven - type Gilnean Raven - preview Glowing Sporebat Glowing Sporebat Glowing Sporebat - type Glowing Sporebat - preview Gold Mini Jouster Gold Mini Jouster Gold Mini Jouster - type Gold Mini Jouster - preview Golden Cloudfeather Golden Cloudfeather Golden Cloudfeather - type Golden Cloudfeather - preview Golden Dawnfeather Golden Dawnfeather Golden Dawnfeather - type Golden Dawnfeather - preview Golden Eaglet Golden Eaglet Golden Eaglet - type Golden Eaglet - preview Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl - type Great Horned Owl - preview Great Sea Albatross Great Sea Albatross Great Sea Albatross - type Great Sea Albatross - preview Greatwing Macaw Greatwing Macaw Greatwing Macaw - type Greatwing Macaw - preview Green Wing Macaw Green Wing Macaw Green Wing Macaw - type Green Wing Macaw - preview Grey Moth Grey Moth Grey Moth - type Grey Moth - preview Gryphon Hatchling Gryphon Hatchling Gryphon Hatchling - type Gryphon Hatchling - preview Guardian Cub Guardian Cub Guardian Cub - type Guardian Cub - preview Hawk Owl Hawk Owl Hawk Owl - type Hawk Owl - preview Helpful Glimmerfly Helpful Glimmerfly Helpful Glimmerfly - type Helpful Glimmerfly - preview Highlands Turkey Highlands Turkey Highlands Turkey - type Highlands Turkey - preview Hippogryph Hatchling Hippogryph Hatchling Hippogryph Hatchling - type Hippogryph Hatchling - preview Hog-Nosed Bat Hog-Nosed Bat Hog-Nosed Bat - type Hog-Nosed Bat - preview Honey Bee Honey Bee Honey Bee - type Honey Bee - preview Horde Balloon Horde Balloon Horde Balloon - type Horde Balloon - preview Horse Balloon Horse Balloon Horse Balloon - type Horse Balloon - preview Hyacinth Macaw Hyacinth Macaw Hyacinth Macaw - type Hyacinth Macaw - preview Ikky Ikky Ikky - type Ikky - preview Imperial Eagle Chick Imperial Eagle Chick Imperial Eagle Chick - type Imperial Eagle Chick - preview Imperial Moth Imperial Moth Imperial Moth - type Imperial Moth - preview Infused Etherwyrm Infused Etherwyrm Infused Etherwyrm - type Infused Etherwyrm - preview Invasive Buzzer Invasive Buzzer Invasive Buzzer - type Invasive Buzzer - preview Jade Crane Chick Jade Crane Chick Jade Crane Chick - type Jade Crane Chick - preview Ji-Kun Hatchling Ji-Kun Hatchling Ji-Kun Hatchling - type Ji-Kun Hatchling - preview Junglebeak Junglebeak Junglebeak - type Junglebeak - preview Kaliri Hatchling Kaliri Hatchling Kaliri Hatchling - type Kaliri Hatchling - preview Kor'thik Swarmling Kor'thik Swarmling Kor'thik Swarmling - type Kor'thik Swarmling - preview Larion Cub Larion Cub Larion Cub - type Larion Cub - preview Larion Pouncer Larion Pouncer Larion Pouncer - type Larion Pouncer - preview Leafy Flutterwing Leafy Flutterwing Leafy Flutterwing - type Leafy Flutterwing - preview Leatherwing Screecher Leatherwing Screecher Leatherwing Screecher - type Leatherwing Screecher - preview Long-Eared Owl Long-Eared Owl Long-Eared Owl - type Long-Eared Owl - preview Luyu Moth Luyu Moth Luyu Moth - type Luyu Moth - preview Mechanical Axebeak Mechanical Axebeak Mechanical Axebeak - type Mechanical Axebeak - preview Mei Li Sparkler Mei Li Sparkler Mei Li Sparkler - type Mei Li Sparkler - preview Miniwing Miniwing Miniwing - type Miniwing - preview Multichicken Multichicken Multichicken - type Multichicken - preview Murloc Balloon Murloc Balloon Murloc Balloon - type Murloc Balloon - preview Mystical Spring Bouquet Mystical Spring Bouquet Mystical Spring Bouquet - type Mystical Spring Bouquet - preview Necroray Spawnling Necroray Spawnling Necroray Spawnling - type Necroray Spawnling - preview Nether Ray Fry Nether Ray Fry Nether Ray Fry - type Nether Ray Fry - preview Nightwatch Swooper Nightwatch Swooper Nightwatch Swooper - type Nightwatch Swooper - preview Nightwreathed Watcher Nightwreathed Watcher Nightwreathed Watcher - type Nightwreathed Watcher - preview Northern Hawk Owl Northern Hawk Owl Northern Hawk Owl - type Northern Hawk Owl - preview Oasis Moth Oasis Moth Oasis Moth - type Oasis Moth - preview Oasis Void-Duster Oasis Void-Duster Oasis Void-Duster - type Oasis Void-Duster - preview Orphaned Felbat Orphaned Felbat Orphaned Felbat - type Orphaned Felbat - preview Papi Papi Papi - type Papi - preview Parasitic Boarfly Parasitic Boarfly Parasitic Boarfly - type Parasitic Boarfly - preview Parrot Parrot Parrot - type Parrot - preview Plump Turkey Plump Turkey Plump Turkey - type Plump Turkey - preview Polly Polly Polly - type Polly - preview Poro Poro Poro - type Poro - preview Proto Avian Fledgling Proto Avian Fledgling Proto Avian Fledgling - type Proto Avian Fledgling - preview Pterrordax Hatchling Pterrordax Hatchling Pterrordax Hatchling - type Pterrordax Hatchling - preview Pygmy Owl Pygmy Owl Pygmy Owl - type Pygmy Owl - preview Ra'kim Ra'kim Ra'kim - type Ra'kim - preview Red Moth Red Moth Red Moth - type Red Moth - preview Royal Moth Royal Moth Royal Moth - type Royal Moth - preview Royal Peachick Royal Peachick Royal Peachick - type Royal Peachick - preview Rustberg Gull Rustberg Gull Rustberg Gull - type Rustberg Gull - preview Rustbolt Clucker Rustbolt Clucker Rustbolt Clucker - type Rustbolt Clucker - preview Sandstinger Wasp Sandstinger Wasp Sandstinger Wasp - type Sandstinger Wasp - preview Sandy Petrel Sandy Petrel Sandy Petrel - type Sandy Petrel - preview Sapphire Firefly Sapphire Firefly Sapphire Firefly - type Sapphire Firefly - preview Scarlet Proto Avian Scarlet Proto Avian Scarlet Proto Avian - type Scarlet Proto Avian - preview Sea Gull Sea Gull Sea Gull - type Sea Gull - preview Seaborne Spore Seaborne Spore Seaborne Spore - type Seaborne Spore - preview Seabreeze Bumblebee Seabreeze Bumblebee Seabreeze Bumblebee - type Seabreeze Bumblebee - preview Senegal Senegal Senegal - type Senegal - preview Sentinel's Companion Sentinel's Companion Sentinel's Companion - type Sentinel's Companion - preview Shadefeather Hatchling Shadefeather Hatchling Shadefeather Hatchling - type Shadefeather Hatchling - preview Shadow Sporebat Shadow Sporebat Shadow Sporebat - type Shadow Sporebat - preview Shadowbarb Hatchling Shadowbarb Hatchling Shadowbarb Hatchling - type Shadowbarb Hatchling - preview Sharptalon Hatchling Sharptalon Hatchling Sharptalon Hatchling - type Sharptalon Hatchling - preview Shimmering Aquafly Shimmering Aquafly Shimmering Aquafly - type Shimmering Aquafly - preview Shore Butterfly Shore Butterfly Shore Butterfly - type Shore Butterfly - preview Shrine Fly Shrine Fly Shrine Fly - type Shrine Fly - preview Silky Moth Silky Moth Silky Moth - type Silky Moth - preview Sinfall Screecher Sinfall Screecher Sinfall Screecher - type Sinfall Screecher - preview Sky Fry Sky Fry Sky Fry - type Sky Fry - preview Sky Lantern Sky Lantern Sky Lantern - type Sky Lantern - preview Skyfin Juvenile Skyfin Juvenile Skyfin Juvenile - type Skyfin Juvenile - preview Skyhorn Nestling Skyhorn Nestling Skyhorn Nestling - type Skyhorn Nestling - preview Skywisp Moth Skywisp Moth Skywisp Moth - type Skywisp Moth - preview Snowfeather Hatchling Snowfeather Hatchling Snowfeather Hatchling - type Snowfeather Hatchling - preview Snowy Owl Snowy Owl Snowy Owl - type Snowy Owl - preview Squawkling Squawkling Squawkling - type Squawkling - preview Starmoth Starmoth Starmoth - type Starmoth - preview Stoneskin Dredwing Pup Stoneskin Dredwing Pup Stoneskin Dredwing Pup - type Stoneskin Dredwing Pup - preview Stony Stony Stony - type Stony - preview Stormwing Stormwing Stormwing - type Stormwing - preview Sunfire Kaliri Sunfire Kaliri Sunfire Kaliri - type Sunfire Kaliri - preview Sunscale Hatchling Sunscale Hatchling Sunscale Hatchling - type Sunscale Hatchling - preview Sunsoaked Flitter Sunsoaked Flitter Sunsoaked Flitter - type Sunsoaked Flitter - preview Swamp Moth Swamp Moth Swamp Moth - type Swamp Moth - preview Swamplighter Firefly Swamplighter Firefly Swamplighter Firefly - type Swamplighter Firefly - preview Szechuan Chicken Szechuan Chicken Szechuan Chicken - type Szechuan Chicken - preview Tainted Moth Tainted Moth Tainted Moth - type Tainted Moth - preview Teroclaw Hatchling Teroclaw Hatchling Teroclaw Hatchling - type Teroclaw Hatchling - preview The Count The Count The Count - type The Count - preview Tickbird Hatchling Tickbird Hatchling Tickbird Hatchling - type Tickbird Hatchling - preview Tiny Flamefly Tiny Flamefly Tiny Flamefly - type Tiny Flamefly - preview Tiny Sporebat Tiny Sporebat Tiny Sporebat - type Tiny Sporebat - preview Tirisfal Batling Tirisfal Batling Tirisfal Batling - type Tirisfal Batling - preview Turkey Turkey Turkey - type Turkey - preview Tuskarr Kite Tuskarr Kite Tuskarr Kite - type Tuskarr Kite - preview Twilight Wasp Twilight Wasp Twilight Wasp - type Twilight Wasp - preview Umbrafen Spore Umbrafen Spore Umbrafen Spore - type Umbrafen Spore - preview Vale Flitter Vale Flitter Vale Flitter - type Vale Flitter - preview Valley Chicken Valley Chicken Valley Chicken - type Valley Chicken - preview Veilwatcher Hatchling Veilwatcher Hatchling Veilwatcher Hatchling - type Veilwatcher Hatchling - preview Vibrant Glimmerfly Vibrant Glimmerfly Vibrant Glimmerfly - type Vibrant Glimmerfly - preview Violent Poultrid Violent Poultrid Violent Poultrid - type Violent Poultrid - preview Violet Dredwing Pup Violet Dredwing Pup Violet Dredwing Pup - type Violet Dredwing Pup - preview Violet Firefly Violet Firefly Violet Firefly - type Violet Firefly - preview Voidglower Voidglower Voidglower - type Voidglower - preview Voru'kar Leecher Voru'kar Leecher Voru'kar Leecher - type Voru'kar Leecher - preview Wader Chick Wader Chick Wader Chick - type Wader Chick - preview Waterfly Waterfly Waterfly - type Waterfly - preview Westfall Chicken Westfall Chicken Westfall Chicken - type Westfall Chicken - preview White Moth White Moth White Moth - type White Moth - preview White Tickbird Hatchling White Tickbird Hatchling White Tickbird Hatchling - type White Tickbird Hatchling - preview Wild Corpsefly Wild Corpsefly Wild Corpsefly - type Wild Corpsefly - preview Wild Etherwyrm Wild Etherwyrm Wild Etherwyrm - type Wild Etherwyrm - preview Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling - type Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling - preview Windfeather Chick Windfeather Chick Windfeather Chick - type Windfeather Chick - preview Wolf Balloon Wolf Balloon Wolf Balloon - type Wolf Balloon - preview Wood Wasp Wood Wasp Wood Wasp - type Wood Wasp - preview Yellow Moth Yellow Moth Yellow Moth - type Yellow Moth - preview Young Venomfang Young Venomfang Young Venomfang - type Young Venomfang - preview Yu'lon Kite Yu'lon Kite Yu'lon Kite - type Yu'lon Kite - preview Zangar Spore Zangar Spore Zangar Spore - type Zangar Spore - preview