World of Warcraft - Battle Pets

World of Warcraft - Battle Pets

A site dedicated to auction house prices, pet collections, battling, and achievements.


16th October 2017

  • Added rarest battle pets overview to character page.
  • Fixed the mobile search.
  • Fixed character encoding issue with some character names.

14th October 2017

  • Started writing in how to obtain battle pets on pet pages.

13th October 2017

  • The site now works better on mobile devices.

12th October 2017

  • Created global character ranking page.
  • Old characters will now be removed from the ranking lists.
  • Added pagination to ranking lists.
  • Ensured region switch is on all pages.
  • More character page caching.

11th October 2017

  • Created character rankings list for each realm.
  • Added max level and quality stats on character page.
  • Proper error message when an old character is not found.
  • Added in some caching, speeding up the character page.

10th October 2017

  • Added this updates section on the homepage, to keep you up to date what's going on.
  • Demon Hunters can now view their character page.
  • Added achievement tracking to the character pages.