Burrow Burrow

“Burrow under the ground, becoming unattackable for one round.
On the next round, you attack, dealing 30 Beast damage.”

Ability info:

  • 100% Hit Chance
  • Cooldown: 4 rounds

Battle Pets with the Burrow ability:

inv_pet_prairiedog Brown Prairie Dog type4 Brown Prairie Dog inv_feasel_fel Felclaw Marsuul type4 Felclaw Marsuul inv_mechanicalprairiedog_blue Rooter type9 Rooter inv_bloodticklarvae Glutted Bleeder type4 Glutted Bleeder inv_scarab_gold Golden Beetle type4 Golden Beetle inv_scarab_gold Giant Woodworm type4 Giant Woodworm inv_prairiedog_brown Vale Marmot type7 Vale Marmot inv_feasel_blue Pygmy Marsuul type4 Pygmy Marsuul ability_demonhunter_demonspikes2 Bile Larva type7 Bile Larva ability_demonhunter_demonspikes2 Antoran Bile Larva type7 Antoran Bile Larva ability_demonhunter_demonspikes2 Fossorial Bile Larva type7 Fossorial Bile Larva inv_feasel_purple Orphaned Marsuul type4 Orphaned Marsuul achievement_brewery_1 Sneaky Marmot type4 Sneaky Marmot inv_babykomododragon_purple Saurolisk Hatchling type1 Saurolisk Hatchling inv_jewelcrafting_jadeserpent Cavern Moccasin type7 Cavern Moccasin ability_hunter_pet_worm Dreadmaw type7 Dreadmaw inv_misc_rabbit_2 Noblegarden Bunny type4 Noblegarden Bunny inv_robotpet Trigger type9 Trigger inv_pet_spiderdemon Thornclaw Broodling type7 Thornclaw Broodling inv_pet_spiderdemon Crystalline Broodling type7 Crystalline Broodling inv_pet_spiderdemon Leyline Broodling type7 Leyline Broodling inv_pet_spiderdemon Vicious Broodling type7 Vicious Broodling ability_vanish Dust Bunny type4 Dust Bunny spell_nature_guardianward Slithering Brownscale type7 Slithering Brownscale inv_qiraj_skinsandworm Terror Larva type7 Terror Larva inv_mechanicalprairiedog_orange Mechanical Prairie Dog type9 Mechanical Prairie Dog ability_hunter_pet_worm Bloodstone Tunneler type7 Bloodstone Tunneler ability_hunter_pet_spider Burrow Spiderling type7 Burrow Spiderling inv_progenitorwombatmount Archetype of Discovery type7 Archetype of Discovery inv_progenitorbeetlered Fierce Scarabid type4 Fierce Scarabid inv_progenitorwombatmount_red Momma Vombata type7 Momma Vombata inv_progenitorwormpetgreen Green Viperid type7 Green Viperid inv_progenitorwormpetred Red Viperid type7 Red Viperid inv_progenitorwormpetblue Archetype of Cunning type7 Archetype of Cunning inv_progenitorbeetlebronze Metallic Scarabid type4 Metallic Scarabid inv_progenitorbeetleblack Archetype of Survival type4 Archetype of Survival inv_progenitorspidermount_red Tarachnid Ambusher type7 Tarachnid Ambusher inv_progenitorrabbitgold Timid Leporid type4 Timid Leporid inv_progenitorrabbitred Vicious Leporid type4 Vicious Leporid inv_progenitorrabbitblack Archetype of Multiplicity type4 Archetype of Multiplicity inv_decomposersmallblack Spinemaw Gormling type4 Spinemaw Gormling achievement_raid_mantidraid05 Spawn of Garalon type7 Spawn of Garalon inv_squirrelardenweald_blue Runelight Leaper type7 Runelight Leaper inv_bloodlousepet Bloodlouse Larva type7 Bloodlouse Larva ability_demonhunter_demonspikes2 Aqir Tunneler type4 Aqir Tunneler inv_capybara_purple Mustyfur Snooter type7 Mustyfur Snooter inv_capybara_albino Snowsoft Nibbler type7 Snowsoft Nibbler spell_sandelemental Sandkeep type6 Sandkeep inv_seaslugred Wriggler type4 Wriggler inv_mechanicalprairiedog_green Scrapyard Tunneler type9 Scrapyard Tunneler inv_mechanicalprairiedog_copper Alloyed Alleyrat type9 Alloyed Alleyrat inv_mechanicalprairiedog_yellow Specimen 97 type9 Specimen 97 inv_prairiedog_tan Mechagon Marmot type4 Mechagon Marmot inv_misc_rabbit Olivetail Hare type4 Olivetail Hare inv_pet_maggot Gu'chi Swarmling type4 Gu'chi Swarmling inv_crate_02 Snowshoe Rabbit type4 Snowshoe Rabbit ability_hunter_snaketrap Snake type7 Snake inv_misc_rabbit Hare type4 Hare inv_misc_rabbit Grasslands Cottontail type4 Grasslands Cottontail inv_misc_rabbit Alpine Hare type4 Alpine Hare spell_nature_guardianward King Snake type7 King Snake ability_hunter_snaketrap Rattlesnake type7 Rattlesnake ability_hunter_snaketrap Ash Viper type7 Ash Viper ability_hunter_snaketrap Moccasin type7 Moccasin ability_hunter_snaketrap Water Snake type7 Water Snake ability_hunter_snaketrap Tree Python type7 Tree Python ability_hunter_snaketrap Rat Snake type7 Rat Snake inv_misc_rabbit Mountain Cottontail type4 Mountain Cottontail inv_pet_prairiedog Prairie Dog type4 Prairie Dog inv_misc_food_vendor_boiledsilkwormpupa Maggot type7 Maggot inv_misc_rabbit Rabbit type4 Rabbit inv_pet_maggot Mr. Grubbs type7 Mr. Grubbs inv_misc_bone_01 Perky Pug type4 Perky Pug ability_hunter_pet_corehound Core Hound Pup type6 Core Hound Pup inv_misc_food_54 Spring Rabbit type4 Spring Rabbit ability_hunter_cobrastrikes Cobra Hatchling type7 Cobra Hatchling inv_crate_02 Brown Rabbit type4 Brown Rabbit spell_nature_guardianward Crimson Snake type7 Crimson Snake spell_nature_guardianward Brown Snake type7 Brown Snake spell_nature_guardianward Black Kingsnake type7 Black Kingsnake spell_nature_guardianward Albino Snake type7 Albino Snake inv_pet_prairiedog Brown Marmot type4 Brown Marmot ability_hunter_pet_worm Festering Maggot type7 Festering Maggot inv_pet_pythonbrown Death Adder Hatchling type7 Death Adder Hatchling inv_misc_rabbit Snowshoe Hare type4 Snowshoe Hare inv_pet_redpanda_brown Mountain Panda type7 Mountain Panda inv_pet_pythonblack Elder Python type7 Elder Python inv_pet_maggot Imperial Silkworm type4 Imperial Silkworm ability_pet_baneling Baneling type4 Baneling inv_jewelcrafting_crimsonhare Darkmoon Rabbit type4 Darkmoon Rabbit ability_hunter_snaketrap Zooey Snake type7 Zooey Snake inv_misc_rabbit Tolai Hare Pup type4 Tolai Hare Pup inv_misc_rabbit Tolai Hare type4 Tolai Hare inv_pet_maggot Jungle Grub type7 Jungle Grub inv_quilinpet Lucky Quilen Cub type4 Lucky Quilen Cub inv_misc_rabbit Arctic Hare type4 Arctic Hare inv_pet_prairiedog Borean Marmot type4 Borean Marmot inv_misc_food_vendor_boiledsilkwormpupa Larva type7 Larva ability_hunter_snaketrap Adder type7 Adder ability_hunter_snaketrap Emerald Boa type7 Emerald Boa ability_hunter_snaketrap Grove Viper type7 Grove Viper ability_hunter_snaketrap Temple Snake type7 Temple Snake ability_hunter_snaketrap Coral Adder type7 Coral Adder inv_pet_prairiedog Yellow-Bellied Marmot type4 Yellow-Bellied Marmot inv_qiraj_skinsandworm Devouring Maggot type7 Devouring Maggot ability_hunter_snaketrap Sidewinder type7 Sidewinder ability_hunter_snaketrap Coral Snake type7 Coral Snake ability_hunter_snaketrap Rock Viper type7 Rock Viper inv_misc_rabbit Elfin Rabbit type4 Elfin Rabbit inv_progenitorwormpetwhite Viperid Menace type7 Viperid Menace