Bite Bite

“Bites at the enemy, dealing 20 Beast damage.”

Ability info:

  • 100% Hit Chance
  • No cooldown.

Pets with this ability:

spell_nature_guardianward Albino Snake type7 Albino Snake inv_ravager2pet_white Mossbite Skitterer type7 Mossbite Skitterer inv_pet_monkey Bonkers type0 Bonkers inv_pet_spectralporcupinered Vengeful Porcupette type7 Vengeful Porcupette inv_cask_01 Alterac Brew-Pup type7 Alterac Brew-Pup inv_misc_head_gnoll_01 Hogs type0 Hogs inv_ravager2pet_black Deathwatch Hatchling type7 Deathwatch Hatchling inv_babyhippo01_blue River Calf type7 River Calf inv_ravager2pet_white Thicket Skitterer type7 Thicket Skitterer ability_shaman_freedomwolf Moon Moon type7 Moon Moon inv_ravager2pet_blue Icespine Hatchling type7 Icespine Hatchling inv_dragonflypet_red Bloodsting Wasp type2 Bloodsting Wasp inv_dragonflypet_green Wood Wasp type2 Wood Wasp inv_dragonflypet_blue Twilight Wasp type2 Twilight Wasp inv_dragonflypet_yellow Amberbarb Wasp type2 Amberbarb Wasp inv_pet_mysticmanakitty Brightpaw type5 Brightpaw inv_pet_frostwolfpup Frostwolf Pup type7 Frostwolf Pup item_herbc Dandelion Frolicker type0 Dandelion Frolicker inv_pet_tigergodcub Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen type7 Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen inv_babyhippo01_white Albino River Calf type7 Albino River Calf inv_pet_pythonblack Elder Python type7 Elder Python ability_pet_baneling Baneling type4 Baneling ability_mount_pandaranmountblack Wanderer's Festival Hatchling type8 Wanderer's Festival Hatchling inv_misc_rubysanctum1 Chrominius type1 Chrominius inv_pet_mechanicalbearcub Anodized Robo Cub type9 Anodized Robo Cub inv_pet_mechanicalraptorpet Cogblade Raptor type9 Cogblade Raptor inv_pet_redpanda Red Panda type7 Red Panda inv_zandalaribabyraptorblack Zandalari Kneebiter type7 Zandalari Kneebiter inv_pet_spectralporcupineblue Spectral Porcupette type5 Spectral Porcupette trade_archaeology_whitehydrafigurine Gahz'rooki type8 Gahz'rooki inv_pet_redpanda Sunfur Panda type7 Sunfur Panda inv_pet_redpanda_white Snowy Panda type7 Snowy Panda inv_pet_redpanda_brown Mountain Panda type7 Mountain Panda inv_zandalaribabyraptorblue Zandalari Anklerender type7 Zandalari Anklerender inv_zandalaribabyraptorred Zandalari Footslasher type7 Zandalari Footslasher inv_zandalaribabyraptorwhite Zandalari Toenibbler type7 Zandalari Toenibbler inv_misc_basket_01 Tito type7 Tito inv_misc_herb_dreamingglory Doom Bloom type6 Doom Bloom ability_hunter_pet_netherray Sky Fry type2 Sky Fry inv_pet_otter Golden Civet type8 Golden Civet inv_wickerbeastpet Restored Revenant type3 Restored Revenant inv_felbatmount Orphaned Felbat type2 Orphaned Felbat inv_misc_skeweredpeanutchicken SpeedyNumberIII type4 SpeedyNumberIII inv_feasel_purple Orphaned Marsuul type4 Orphaned Marsuul inv_feasel_blue Pygmy Marsuul type4 Pygmy Marsuul inv_waepon_bow_zulgrub_d_01 Spawn of Merektha type7 Spawn of Merektha inv_jewelcrafting_jadeserpent Guardian Cobra Hatchling type7 Guardian Cobra Hatchling inv_seaeel_teal Abyssal Eel type8 Abyssal Eel inv_pet_felkitten Mischief type7 Mischief ability_hunter_pet_raptor Child of Jani type7 Child of Jani ability_mount_bloodtick_red Dreadtick Leecher type2 Dreadtick Leecher inv_misc_monsterclaw_09 Voru'kar Leecher type2 Voru'kar Leecher inv_raptorbaby_green Trecker type7 Trecker ability_hunter_pet_bat Leatherwing Screecher type2 Leatherwing Screecher inv_icon_wing08e Crimson Bat Pup type2 Crimson Bat Pup inv_pet_frostwolfpup_shadow Void-Scarred Pup type7 Void-Scarred Pup inv_jewelcrafting_jadeserpent Cavern Moccasin type7 Cavern Moccasin inv_corgi2 Corgnelius type7 Corgnelius inv_ravager2pet_red Bloodthorn Hatchling type7 Bloodthorn Hatchling spell_nature_guardianward Slithering Brownscale type7 Slithering Brownscale inv_babyhippo01 Mudback Calf type7 Mudback Calf inv_babyhippo01_green Flat-Tooth Calf type7 Flat-Tooth Calf inv_pet_voidhound Chaos Pup type5 Chaos Pup inv_pet_frostwolfpup_fel Fel Pup type7 Fel Pup inv_pet_frostwolfpup_shadow Lost Netherpup type7 Lost Netherpup inv_felstalker_pet Nibbles type4 Nibbles inv_pet_mastiff Grumpy type7 Grumpy inv_pet_raccoon Auburn Ringtail type4 Auburn Ringtail inv_batpet Firebat Pup type2 Firebat Pup inv_misc_foxkit Black-Footed Fox Kit type7 Black-Footed Fox Kit inv_misc_foxkit_white Mist Fox Kit type7 Mist Fox Kit ability_hunter_pet_bat Echo Batling type2 Echo Batling ability_hunter_pet_bat Hog-Nosed Bat type2 Hog-Nosed Bat inv_misc_lifeblood Thistleleaf Adventurer type0 Thistleleaf Adventurer inv_batpet Felbat Pup type2 Felbat Pup inv_corgi2 Corgi Pup type7 Corgi Pup inv_pet_otter Golden Civet Kitten type8 Golden Civet Kitten inv_pet_porcupine Clouded Hedgehog type7 Clouded Hedgehog spell_nature_guardianward Black Kingsnake type7 Black Kingsnake inv_misc_bone_01 Perky Pug type4 Perky Pug ability_mount_raptor Leaping Hatchling type7 Leaping Hatchling ability_mount_raptor Obsidian Hatchling type7 Obsidian Hatchling ability_mount_raptor Ravasaur Hatchling type7 Ravasaur Hatchling ability_hunter_pet_raptor Razormaw Hatchling type7 Razormaw Hatchling ability_hunter_pet_raptor Razzashi Hatchling type7 Razzashi Hatchling inv_misc_pet_04 Wind Rider Cub type7 Wind Rider Cub inv_misc_foxkit Fox Kit type7 Fox Kit ability_hunter_pet_raptor Deviate Hatchling type7 Deviate Hatchling ability_hunter_pet_raptor Lashtail Hatchling type7 Lashtail Hatchling inv_misc_bearcubbrown Hyjal Bear Cub type7 Hyjal Bear Cub inv_pet_speedy Darkmoon Turtle type8 Darkmoon Turtle inv_pet_porcupine Porcupette type4 Porcupette ability_hunter_snaketrap Snake type7 Snake ability_hunter_snaketrap Rat Snake type7 Rat Snake ability_hunter_snaketrap Tree Python type7 Tree Python ability_mount_raptor Gundrak Hatchling type7 Gundrak Hatchling ability_hunter_pet_raptor Darting Hatchling type7 Darting Hatchling ability_hunter_snaketrap Moccasin type7 Moccasin inv_pet_egbert Egbert type4 Egbert spell_nature_guardianward Brown Snake type7 Brown Snake spell_nature_guardianward Crimson Snake type7 Crimson Snake inv_box_petcarrier_01 Worg Pup type7 Worg Pup inv_belt_05 Panda Cub type7 Panda Cub spell_shadow_summonfelhunter Zergling type4 Zergling inv_belt_09 Poley type7 Poley inv_pet_speedy Speedy type8 Speedy ability_hunter_pet_netherray Nether Ray Fry type2 Nether Ray Fry achievement_reputation_wolvar Curious Wolvar Pup type0 Curious Wolvar Pup ability_hunter_pet_bat Vampiric Batling type3 Vampiric Batling ability_mount_drake_proto Proto-Drake Whelp type1 Proto-Drake Whelp ability_hunter_cobrastrikes Cobra Hatchling type7 Cobra Hatchling inv_pet_babyblizzardbear Baby Blizzard Bear type7 Baby Blizzard Bear ability_mount_polarbear_black Dun Morogh Cub type7 Dun Morogh Cub ability_hunter_pet_bat Tirisfal Batling type2 Tirisfal Batling ability_hunter_pet_tallstrider Mulgore Hatchling type4 Mulgore Hatchling ability_hunter_snaketrap Water Snake type7 Water Snake ability_hunter_snaketrap Ash Viper type7 Ash Viper inv_pet_porcupine Silent Hedgehog type7 Silent Hedgehog inv_pet_otter Sifang Otter type8 Sifang Otter inv_misc_monstertail_07 Kuitan Mongoose type8 Kuitan Mongoose inv_pet_raccoon Masked Tanuki Pup type4 Masked Tanuki Pup inv_pet_raccoon Bandicoon type4 Bandicoon inv_pet_raccoon Bandicoon Kit type4 Bandicoon Kit inv_misc_monstertail_01 Malayan Quillrat type4 Malayan Quillrat inv_misc_monstertail_01 Malayan Quillrat Pup type4 Malayan Quillrat Pup inv_pet_otter Sifang Otter Pup type8 Sifang Otter Pup inv_quilinpet Lucky Quilen Cub type4 Lucky Quilen Cub inv_pet_speedy Softshell Snapling type8 Softshell Snapling ability_mount_pandaranmountepicblack Spiny Terrapin type8 Spiny Terrapin inv_misc_foxkit_white Alpine Foxling type7 Alpine Foxling inv_misc_foxkit_white Alpine Foxling Kit type7 Alpine Foxling Kit ability_hunter_snaketrap Zooey Snake type7 Zooey Snake inv_misc_monstertail_07 Mongoose type8 Mongoose inv_misc_monstertail_07 Mongoose Pup type8 Mongoose Pup inv_pet_raccoon Shy Bandicoon type4 Shy Bandicoon ability_hunter_snaketrap Adder type7 Adder ability_hunter_snaketrap Rattlesnake type7 Rattlesnake ability_hunter_pet_netherray Fledgling Nether Ray type2 Fledgling Nether Ray spell_nature_guardianward King Snake type7 King Snake ability_hunter_pet_ravager Ravager Hatchling type7 Ravager Hatchling inv_misc_fish_turtle_02 Turquoise Turtle type8 Turquoise Turtle ability_hunter_snaketrap Rock Viper type7 Rock Viper ability_hunter_snaketrap Coral Snake type7 Coral Snake inv_misc_bearcubbrown Darkshore Cub type7 Darkshore Cub ability_hunter_snaketrap Sidewinder type7 Sidewinder trade_archaeology_trolllizardfootcharm Scalded Basilisk Hatchling type7 Scalded Basilisk Hatchling ability_hunter_snaketrap Emerald Boa type7 Emerald Boa ability_hunter_pet_wolf Fjord Worg Pup type7 Fjord Worg Pup inv_misc_foxkit_white Arctic Fox Kit type7 Arctic Fox Kit ability_hunter_snaketrap Coral Adder type7 Coral Adder ability_hunter_snaketrap Temple Snake type7 Temple Snake inv_pet_raccoon Masked Tanuki type4 Masked Tanuki ability_hunter_snaketrap Grove Viper type7 Grove Viper ability_hunter_pet_bat Bat type2 Bat inv_pet_mechanicalbearcub Tinyclaw type9 Tinyclaw