Slicing Wind

Slicing Wind Slicing Wind

“Attacks the enemy with 1-3 blades of wind, dealing 10 Flying damage per attack.”

Ability info:

  • 100% Hit Chance
  • No cooldown.

Battle Pets with the Slicing Wind ability:

inv_feather_08 Cockatiel type2 Cockatiel ability_hunter_pet_sporebat Shadow Sporebat type2 Shadow Sporebat inv_manaraymount_magenta Docile Skyfin type2 Docile Skyfin inv_elemental_primal_air Drafty type6 Drafty achievement_dungeon_thevortexpinnacle_lordertan Zephyrian Prince type6 Zephyrian Prince ability_hunter_serpentswiftness Young Venomfang type2 Young Venomfang inv_toucan_color4 Crackers type2 Crackers inv_falcosaurospet_black Bloodgazer Hatchling type2 Bloodgazer Hatchling ability_hunter_pet_moth Vale Flitter type2 Vale Flitter artifactability_survivalhunter_eaglesbite Golden Eaglet type2 Golden Eaglet ability_hunter_eagleeye Skyhorn Nestling type2 Skyhorn Nestling artifactability_survivalhunter_eaglesbite Fledgling Oliveback type2 Fledgling Oliveback artifactability_survivalhunter_eaglesbite Fledgling Kingfeather type2 Fledgling Kingfeather inv_misc_seagullpet_01 Albatross Chick type2 Albatross Chick ability_hunter_pet_sporebat Glowing Sporebat type2 Glowing Sporebat inv_manaraymount_blue Skyfin Juvenile type2 Skyfin Juvenile ability_hunter_pet_wasp Sapphire Firefly type2 Sapphire Firefly ability_hunter_pet_wasp Violet Firefly type2 Violet Firefly ability_hunter_pet_moth Crimsonwing Moth type2 Crimsonwing Moth ability_hunter_pet_moth Dusty Sporewing type2 Dusty Sporewing ability_hunter_pet_moth Royal Moth type2 Royal Moth ability_hunter_pet_moth Cerulean Moth type2 Cerulean Moth priest_icon_chakra Zangar Spore type2 Zangar Spore inv_misc_food_41 Fruit Hunter type2 Fruit Hunter inv_toucan_color1 Axebeak Hatchling type2 Axebeak Hatchling inv_toucan_color4 Junglebeak type2 Junglebeak inv_toucan_color3 Bloodbeak type2 Bloodbeak ability_hunter_pet_moth Skywisp Moth type2 Skywisp Moth inv_pet_thunderislebabybird Ji-Kun Hatchling type2 Ji-Kun Hatchling inv_manaraymount_blackfel Fel-Afflicted Skyfin type2 Fel-Afflicted Skyfin inv_cloudserpent_egg_yellow Francois type2 Francois inv_pet_pandarenelemental_air Pandaren Air Spirit type6 Pandaren Air Spirit ability_druid_galewinds Stormwrath type6 Stormwrath inv_progenitorchicken_purple Violent Poultrid type2 Violent Poultrid inv_progenitorchicken_gray Archetype of Satisfaction type2 Archetype of Satisfaction inv_progenitorchicken_yellow Enraged Poultrid type2 Enraged Poultrid inv_progenitorbird_red Scarlet Proto Avian type2 Scarlet Proto Avian inv_progenitorbird_dark Proto Avian Fledgling type2 Proto Avian Fledgling inv_progenitorbird Archetype of Motion type2 Archetype of Motion inv_decomposermountpurple Amaranthine Stinger type2 Amaranthine Stinger inv_decomposermountblack Invasive Buzzer type2 Invasive Buzzer ability_warlock_everlastingaffliction Shadowbarb Hatchling type2 Shadowbarb Hatchling inv_icon_wing03d Oasis Void-Duster type2 Oasis Void-Duster inv_icon_wing03b Ra'kim type2 Ra'kim inv_pet_butterfly_purple Papi type2 Papi inv_chicken2_brownhead Rustbolt Clucker type2 Rustbolt Clucker inv_bee_default Honey Bee type2 Honey Bee inv_vulturemount_albatrosspink Great Sea Albatross type2 Great Sea Albatross achievement_raid_mantidraid07 Kor'thik Swarmling type2 Kor'thik Swarmling ability_druid_cyclone Gust of Cyclarus type6 Gust of Cyclarus inv_pterrordax2mount_tan Child of Pa'ku type2 Child of Pa'ku ability_hunter_serpentswiftness Sunscale Hatchling type2 Sunscale Hatchling inv_pet_pandarenelemental_air Mischievous Zephyr type6 Mischievous Zephyr inv_bee_black Bumbles type2 Bumbles inv_giantwasp_orange Sandstinger Wasp type2 Sandstinger Wasp inv_pet_butterfly_blue Blue Flitter type2 Blue Flitter ability_hunter_pet_dragonhawk Corlain Falcon type2 Corlain Falcon inv_bee_red Seabreeze Bumblebee type2 Seabreeze Bumblebee inv_pet_butterfly_white Leafy Flutterwing type2 Leafy Flutterwing inv_giantwasp_black Parasitic Boarfly type2 Parasitic Boarfly inv_feather_08 Harpy Youngling type0 Harpy Youngling inv_dragonflypet_blue Darkmoon Glowfly type2 Darkmoon Glowfly inv_feather_08 Hyacinth Macaw type2 Hyacinth Macaw inv_thanksgiving_turkey Plump Turkey type2 Plump Turkey spell_hunter_aspectofthehawk Fledgling Buzzard type2 Fledgling Buzzard inv_misc_balloon_01 Darkmoon Balloon type2 Darkmoon Balloon inv_misc_balloon_02 Horde Balloon type2 Horde Balloon inv_misc_balloon_04 Alliance Balloon type2 Alliance Balloon inv_pet_wingedlion Guardian Cub type2 Guardian Cub inv_misc_archaeology_babypterrodax Pterrordax Hatchling type2 Pterrordax Hatchling inv_misc_seagullpet_01 Rustberg Gull type2 Rustberg Gull ability_hunter_pet_vulture Gold Mini Jouster type2 Gold Mini Jouster ability_hunter_pet_dragonhawk Blue Mini Jouster type2 Blue Mini Jouster inv_misc_pet_04 Wind Rider Cub type7 Wind Rider Cub inv_misc_pet_02 Gryphon Hatchling type2 Gryphon Hatchling inv_misc_pet_01 Tuskarr Kite type2 Tuskarr Kite ability_hunter_pet_owl White Tickbird Hatchling type2 White Tickbird Hatchling spell_nature_forceofnature Parrot type2 Parrot ability_hunter_pet_owl Tickbird Hatchling type2 Tickbird Hatchling ability_hunter_pet_netherray Nether Ray Fry type2 Nether Ray Fry ability_hunter_pet_sporebat Tiny Sporebat type2 Tiny Sporebat ability_hunter_pet_wasp Firefly type2 Firefly ability_hunter_pet_moth White Moth type2 White Moth ability_hunter_pet_moth Yellow Moth type2 Yellow Moth ability_hunter_pet_moth Red Moth type2 Red Moth ability_hunter_pet_moth Blue Moth type2 Blue Moth inv_pet_sprite_darter_hatchling Sprite Darter Hatchling type1 Sprite Darter Hatchling spell_magic_polymorphchicken Westfall Chicken type2 Westfall Chicken spell_magic_polymorphchicken Ancona Chicken type2 Ancona Chicken inv_feather_11 Senegal type2 Senegal inv_feather_12 Green Wing Macaw type2 Green Wing Macaw ability_hunter_pet_moth Swamp Moth type2 Swamp Moth spell_nature_forceofnature Polly type2 Polly ability_hunter_pet_moth Imperial Moth type2 Imperial Moth inv_misc_seagullpet_01 Sandy Petrel type2 Sandy Petrel inv_jewelcrafting_jadeowl Jade Owl type5 Jade Owl inv_pet_babycrane Jade Crane Chick type2 Jade Crane Chick ability_hunter_pet_moth Fungal Moth type2 Fungal Moth ability_hunter_pet_wasp Shrine Fly type2 Shrine Fly ability_hunter_pet_moth Garden Moth type2 Garden Moth ability_hunter_pet_moth Gilded Moth type2 Gilded Moth ability_hunter_pet_wasp Effervescent Glowfly type2 Effervescent Glowfly ability_hunter_pet_moth Amber Moth type2 Amber Moth inv_thanksgiving_turkey Szechuan Chicken type2 Szechuan Chicken ability_hunter_pet_wasp Mei Li Sparkler type2 Mei Li Sparkler ability_hunter_pet_moth Luyu Moth type2 Luyu Moth inv_thanksgiving_turkey Chicken type2 Chicken inv_thanksgiving_turkey Highlands Turkey type2 Highlands Turkey inv_misc_seagullpet_01 Sea Gull type2 Sea Gull ability_hunter_pet_moth Crimson Moth type2 Crimson Moth inv_egg_06 Nether Faerie Dragon type1 Nether Faerie Dragon inv_misc_pet_02 Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling type2 Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling ability_hunter_pet_moth Oasis Moth type2 Oasis Moth ability_hunter_pet_vulture Dragonbone Hatchling type2 Dragonbone Hatchling ability_hunter_eagleeye Imperial Eagle Chick type2 Imperial Eagle Chick inv_thanksgiving_turkey Turkey type2 Turkey ability_hunter_pet_netherray Fledgling Nether Ray type2 Fledgling Nether Ray ability_hunter_pet_moth Silky Moth type2 Silky Moth ability_hunter_pet_moth Tainted Moth type2 Tainted Moth ability_hunter_pet_moth Forest Moth type2 Forest Moth ability_hunter_pet_moth Grey Moth type2 Grey Moth inv_pet_undeadeagle Blighthawk type3 Blighthawk ability_druid_galewinds Tiny Twister type6 Tiny Twister inv_progenitorchicken_red Multichicken type2 Multichicken