Scratch Scratch

“Scratches the enemy, dealing 20 Critter damage.”

Ability info:

  • 100% Hit Chance
  • No cooldown.

Battle Pets with the Scratch ability:

inv_pet_cockroach Undercity Cockroach type4 Undercity Cockroach inv_pet_redpanda Red Panda type7 Red Panda achievement_rat Tricorne type4 Tricorne inv_misc_rabbit_2 Noblegarden Bunny type4 Noblegarden Bunny inv_misc_lifeblood Thistleleaf Adventurer type0 Thistleleaf Adventurer ability_vanish Dust Bunny type4 Dust Bunny inv_misc_rabbit Olivetail Hare type4 Olivetail Hare ability_hunter_pet_wasp Sapphire Firefly type2 Sapphire Firefly ability_hunter_pet_wasp Violet Firefly type2 Violet Firefly inv_pet_frostwolfpup Frostwolf Ghostpup type3 Frostwolf Ghostpup inv_pet_spectralporcupinegreen Harmonious Porcupette type5 Harmonious Porcupette item_herbc Dandelion Frolicker type0 Dandelion Frolicker inv_pet_redpanda_brown Mountain Panda type7 Mountain Panda inv_pet_redpanda Sunfur Panda type7 Sunfur Panda inv_dragonflypet_blue Darkmoon Glowfly type2 Darkmoon Glowfly inv_ridingsilithid2red Silithid Mini-Tank type7 Silithid Mini-Tank achievement_boss_yoggsaron_01 Jade Tentacle type6 Jade Tentacle inv_jewelcrafting_crimsonhare Darkmoon Rabbit type4 Darkmoon Rabbit inv_misc_volatileshadow Highlands Skunk type4 Highlands Skunk inv_pet_cockroach Death's Head Cockroach type4 Death's Head Cockroach ability_hunter_pet_wasp Shrine Fly type2 Shrine Fly ability_hunter_pet_wasp Effervescent Glowfly type2 Effervescent Glowfly inv_pet_cockroach Resilient Roach type4 Resilient Roach inv_misc_monstertail_03 Yakrat type4 Yakrat inv_misc_rabbit Tolai Hare Pup type4 Tolai Hare Pup inv_misc_rabbit Tolai Hare type4 Tolai Hare inv_pet_mouse Prairie Mouse type4 Prairie Mouse ability_hunter_pet_wasp Mei Li Sparkler type2 Mei Li Sparkler inv_pet_mouse Dig Rat type4 Dig Rat inv_chicken2_dirty Valley Chicken type2 Valley Chicken inv_misc_monstertail_03 Stormwind Rat type4 Stormwind Rat inv_pet_cats_blacktabbycat Jenafur type7 Jenafur inv_progenitorbeetlegreen Emerald Scarabid type4 Emerald Scarabid inv_progenitorbeetlebronze Metallic Scarabid type4 Metallic Scarabid inv_progenitorbeetleblack Archetype of Survival type4 Archetype of Survival inv_mawroach_green Vile Deathroach type4 Vile Deathroach tradeskill_abominationstitching_abominations_lesser Lil'Abom type3 Lil'Abom inv_mawroach_blue2 Tower Deathroach type4 Tower Deathroach inv_squirrelardenweald_red Shimmerbough Hoarder type7 Shimmerbough Hoarder inv_babyfox_orange Copperfur Kit type7 Copperfur Kit inv_babyfox_gold Goldenpaw Kit type7 Goldenpaw Kit inv_pet_cockroach Void-Scarred Locust type4 Void-Scarred Locust inv_rabbit2_greyblood Void-Scarred Hare type4 Void-Scarred Hare trade_archaeology_pendantoftheaqir Aqir Hivespawn type4 Aqir Hivespawn inv_pet_butterfly_orange Sunsoaked Flitter type2 Sunsoaked Flitter inv_pet_butterfly_blue Shore Butterfly type2 Shore Butterfly inv_capybara_albino Snowsoft Nibbler type7 Snowsoft Nibbler inv_capybara_gold Golden Snorf type7 Golden Snorf inv_pet_cockroach Junkheap Roach type4 Junkheap Roach inv_capybara_brown Rustyroot Snooter type7 Rustyroot Snooter inv_misc_foxkit_white Scritches type7 Scritches inv_kakapo Poro type2 Poro inv_tradeskillitem_03 Aldrusian Sproutling type6 Aldrusian Sproutling inv_bloodticklarvae Glutted Bleeder type4 Glutted Bleeder inv_hermitcrab_darkdiamond_blue Young Sand Sifter type8 Young Sand Sifter inv_pet_butterfly_white Leafy Flutterwing type2 Leafy Flutterwing inv_pet_waterstrider Elusive Skimmer type8 Elusive Skimmer inv_scarab_gold Golden Beetle type4 Golden Beetle inv_hermitcrab_sapphire Barrier Hermit type8 Barrier Hermit inv_inscription_pigment_bug04 Savory Beetle type4 Savory Beetle inv_scarab_clay Sand Scarab type4 Sand Scarab inv_crate_02 Snowshoe Rabbit type4 Snowshoe Rabbit inv_pet_mouse Mouse type4 Mouse inv_misc_rabbit Alpine Hare type4 Alpine Hare inv_inscription_pigment_bug04 Gold Beetle type4 Gold Beetle inv_pet_cockroach Roach type4 Roach inv_misc_monstertail_03 Rat type4 Rat inv_misc_monstertail_03 Wharf Rat type4 Wharf Rat inv_inscription_pigment_bug04 Beetle type4 Beetle inv_misc_monstertail_03 Long-tailed Mole type4 Long-tailed Mole inv_misc_monstertail_03 Black Rat type4 Black Rat inv_misc_volatileshadow Skunk type4 Skunk inv_pet_cockroach Cockroach type4 Cockroach inv_misc_monstertail_03 Redridge Rat type4 Redridge Rat inv_misc_rabbit Mountain Cottontail type4 Mountain Cottontail inv_misc_monstertail_01 Squirrel type4 Squirrel inv_misc_rabbit Grasslands Cottontail type4 Grasslands Cottontail inv_misc_rabbit Rabbit type4 Rabbit inv_misc_food_02 Nuts type4 Nuts inv_misc_babyarmadillopet Armadillo Pup type4 Armadillo Pup ability_hunter_pet_corehound Core Hound Pup type6 Core Hound Pup ability_druid_forceofnature Withers type6 Withers inv_misc_herb_03 Teldrassil Sproutling type6 Teldrassil Sproutling inv_misc_food_54 Spring Rabbit type4 Spring Rabbit inv_misc_monstertail_03 Giant Sewer Rat type4 Giant Sewer Rat inv_box_petcarrier_01 Stinker type4 Stinker inv_drink_13 Wolpertinger type4 Wolpertinger ability_hunter_pet_wasp Firefly type2 Firefly inv_crate_02 Brown Rabbit type4 Brown Rabbit inv_pet_ratcage Whiskers the Rat type4 Whiskers the Rat inv_pet_cockroach Irradiated Roach type4 Irradiated Roach inv_misc_rabbit Hare type4 Hare inv_misc_monstertail_01 Grizzly Squirrel type4 Grizzly Squirrel inv_misc_monstertail_03 Grotto Vole type4 Grotto Vole inv_misc_monstertail_03 Fjord Rat type4 Fjord Rat inv_misc_rabbit Arctic Hare type4 Arctic Hare inv_misc_rabbit Snowshoe Hare type4 Snowshoe Hare inv_misc_volatileshadow Mountain Skunk type4 Mountain Skunk inv_inscription_pigment_bug04 Crystal Beetle type4 Crystal Beetle inv_pet_cockroach Deepholm Cockroach type4 Deepholm Cockroach inv_misc_monstertail_03 Stowaway Rat type4 Stowaway Rat inv_pet_mouse Highlands Mouse type4 Highlands Mouse inv_scarab_stone Tol'vir Scarab type4 Tol'vir Scarab inv_pet_cockroach Locust type4 Locust inv_pet_cockroach Fire-Proof Roach type4 Fire-Proof Roach inv_misc_monstertail_03 Carrion Rat type4 Carrion Rat inv_misc_ahnqirajtrinket_01 Scarab Hatchling type4 Scarab Hatchling inv_misc_monstertail_01 Red-Tailed Chipmunk type4 Red-Tailed Chipmunk inv_misc_monstertail_03 Tainted Rat type4 Tainted Rat inv_pet_cockroach Tainted Cockroach type4 Tainted Cockroach ability_hunter_pet_silithid Silithid Hatchling type7 Silithid Hatchling inv_inscription_pigment_bug04 Stinkbug type4 Stinkbug inv_misc_monstertail_01 Alpine Chipmunk type4 Alpine Chipmunk inv_misc_babyarmadillopet Stone Armadillo type4 Stone Armadillo inv_misc_rabbit Elfin Rabbit type4 Elfin Rabbit inv_misc_ahnqirajtrinket_01 Twilight Beetle type4 Twilight Beetle inv_misc_ahnqirajtrinket_01 Creepy Crawly type4 Creepy Crawly inv_misc_ahnqirajtrinket_01 Dung Beetle type4 Dung Beetle ability_druid_forceofnature Ruby Sapling type6 Ruby Sapling inv_pet_diseasedsquirrel Blighted Squirrel type3 Blighted Squirrel inv_misc_monstertail_03 Undercity Rat type4 Undercity Rat inv_progenitorbeetlered Fierce Scarabid type4 Fierce Scarabid